Bug in notehub routing "best_location" "best_lat" and "best_lon"

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Greg R here.

This is a repeatable bug. I can route “where_location” “where_lat” “where_lon” and the “tower” versions as well…but not “best_location” versions. If it makes any difference, I am testing without a gps lock.

Thanks for the heads up Greg. I’ll let the Notehub team know so they can investigate when they are back in the office tomorrow.

To help us troubleshoot, can you provide the JSONata transformation you are using in your Route, or are you routing the entire event? Does the route fail, or are you seeing empty fields on the destination side?

I do not get any errors. The data simply does not show up at the endpoint. When I change to “tower” or “where”…it shows up. I’d like to use “best”. JSONata:

“Device ID”:sn,
“Where Lat Lon”:where_lat&’,’&where_lon,
“Where Location”:where_location

Thanks Greg. It turns out that those fields are not yet routable on the Notehub side, so I’ve entered a feature request for the team.

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