Tower location latitude/longitude zero for all devices in one Notehub project

I have been using several Notecards and NoteHub for more than a year now. The Notecards send occasionally data to the NoteHub and I was used to the fact that the NoteHub interface would also always show me the tower location together with each incoming JSON (best_location and tower_location. I do not use GPS or triangulation, just the tower location.) A few weeks ago, these fields disappeared in Notehub. The relevant JSON now looks like this, without a more specific location than “Europe” and with latitude and longitude being zero:

"tower_location": {
        "when": "2024-03-13T09:26:57Z",
        "name": "Europe",
        "country": "GB",
        "timezone": "Europe/London",
        "latitude": 0,
        "longitude": 0

This is the same for two Notecards on the project, both NOTE-WBEX with firmware and plenty of MBs of data left.
If I connect the Notecards to a different project in my Notehub account, everything works fine:

    "tower_location": {
        "when": "2024-03-13T09:23:02Z",
        "name": "Wallingford ENG",
        "country": "GB",
        "timezone": "Europe/London",
        "latitude": 51.601087500000006,
        "longitude": -1.1236718749999999

I tried this across several days with the same tower. It works in one project, but doesn’t work in the other one.

What could be reasons for this issue? I.e., that location data is not showing up in one specific Notehub project?

Hi @JonasBchrt,

Can you please try a new session with this Notecard and check the results? We think that there was an API failure at some point and the invalid lat/lon data were cached. This should be resolved now but I’d like to see that the values are updating for you as well!


Hi @RobLauer,

Greg (and maybe more people of the team) have been incredible fast looking into this! I can already see locations coming in again since Thursday. I am still yet to evaluate if it works for the same tower(s) for which I encountered the problem initially, but plan to do this next week when I get there.


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The issue seems to persist with that particular tower (or in that particular area). It is in the UK, postcode OX10 8BB.

Seems to be fixed now!