Precise location not showing up on note hub


I was just testing out the GPS and eventuallly it started to work well but it isn’t posing the precise GPS location to the hub. Only the tower location. I did a {“req”:“card.location”} and it ways inactive but had the correct location which was much more accurate than the tower one.

I’m going to give it some tome but its connecting for outbound sync every 5m so seems it should have updated with a better location by now.

Any ideas?



Hi @chris,

Are you configuring your Notecard’s location-sampling settings with the card.location.mode API? If so, I’d be curious to see the full config you use with that API. Also which Notecarrier are you using?

A couple notes about GPS that you may already know:

  1. It can take awhile to acquire enough satellite signals to generate a precise location.
  2. Depending on the Notecarrier you are using, I’m curious to know what GPS antenna you have (if it’s an external antenna or embedded.


I’m using the AL carrier. I set it on 600 seconds, periodic. There may be some confusion because an inbound sync only shows the tower location. Perhaps it assumes earlier message sent the full GPS location.
I could see one issue where there is no movement, no earlier message had sent the full GPS position, and so it never pushes it to the hub. There was a low voltage warning message and it did include the full GPS position.

Chris, Could you share the full configuration that you used for both card.location.mode and card.location.track ?

Also in the Notehub events view if you click on the column heading “Tower location” and change it to “Device location” does that then show the GPS location (as opposed to the tower location) ?

I think I’ve shared everything I have. Location track is off.

Is there a way to query the card for all the values without affecting the settings?



Will return the settings without changing them.