Can not have lon lat location from GPS

can be connect to the cellular
get cellular location.

next wait about 20min, have GPS signal and sats.
just stop right there, never get the link from sats.

Please help~~
thank you~~

Hi @williamzoe2002,

There is a relatively long forum thread here that goes through some common GPS-related issues with the Notecard (e.g. make sure the antenna has a clear view of the southern sky, among many other suggestions to help debug).

Please let us know here if you resolve the issue (or if you still need help after reading through the forum).


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Hi, @RobLauer ,
Thanks for the GPS-related common
I have try one of these “trace”
no matter how, it stop.
what could I do to turn on GPS trace fuction.
thank you so much!!

Try initiating your trace with this command:

{"req":"card.trace", "mode":"on", "trace":"+gpsmax"}

Let me know if that works!



{“req”:“card.trace”, “mode”:“on”, “trace”:“+gpsmax”} <= this

how to code it in arduino?

thanks lot !!