Card.voltage response

Hi Guys.

Wondering of maybe the call to card.voltage is somehow broken. I am not getting the response expected. This is with a Swan 3 + Notecard Wifi and Notecarrier-F V1.3

[INFO] {"req":"card.voltage","hours":12,"crc":"0008:697721C3"}
[INFO] {"minutes":15,"mode":"high","value":4.1575958811907142}

At the very least the stats section seems to be missing


Hi @ssozonoff,

The Notecard needs to store a minimum number of voltage values (I believe it is 24) before it will return any vmin, vmax,vavg, etc values. Each time the Notecard performs a sync with Notehub it stores the voltage. So, you should start seeing data after your device has been connected and communicating with Notehub over some time (depending on your cadence of syncs).


Thanks Rob. Its strange though since device has been running for days.
I sync every 15min. I am asking for stats over 12 hours and its been running well over 12 hours.