Cloned project and Twillio no longer sends SMS

The original project was working well and I was receiving SMS from twillio. Now after cloning, I can see the twillio.qo in the events page of Notehub but I am not receiving the SMS. I copied and pasted the authorization token back into the route thinking maybe the password characters did not clone. Nope. I have plenty of money in twillio so that is not the problem. I checked the phone numbers and that is all correct. Could the problem be related to the clone?

Edit to add: I tried the original project and it works ( I received SMS from twillio) so the problem is with the clone.

Hey @TJK,

Sorry you’re running into issues here. To start, can you open an event that should have routed, and see what displays on the Route log tab? The route log captures the HTTP response and might have a hint for what’s going wrong.


Good morning TJ,
It appears that the route is not configured for the device’s fleet. I checked the project that is working and the Fleet tab contains device information. The project that is not working has a blank Fleet tab.

When you clone a project you clone a fleet’s settings such as environment variables, but not which devices are associated with the fleet (because devices are not cloned).

If your route is scoped to a fleet, you’ll need to make sure to add your device to that fleet on your cloned project.


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