Events not forwarded to route for one device


I have one device that has been offline for almost a year, I ressurrected it now but it does not seem like its events get forwarded to my routes (dev:864475044197092). I have other devices set up exactly the same that works.

Also if I click the route in the notehub dashboard I get an 404 error.

Regards, Gaute

I have a similar issue. One of my twilio routes was not working and I went to check the route setup and I get 404 on all routes when I try to access.

We are experiencing a problem with Notehub routing. We are working to get this back online as soon as we can.

Hi All,

We believe this issue is mitigated, and new data should be routing now


Thanks, seems to work.

ons. 8. feb. 2023, 18:10 skrev Greg via Blues Wireless Community <>:

Issue is still persisting across most of my deployed cards:(

@mikhail5522 Please reach out to