Routing data to Ubidots cloud platform not working


I am new to Ubidots. Recently, I created a project where I want to display sensor data to cloud platform Ubidots.
I have used other cloud platform in the past by creating a Route on But for Ubidots it seems that it is not working.

What I did is followed the blues wireless guide for sending data to the cloud platform. After following the guide, I could not see the sensor data on the dashboard or on Events tab.

Here, are the details of field that I field with

HTTP-HEADERS: Additional headers
X-Auth-Token: Token that I copied from Ubidots API-credentials menu.

Than I have selected the notefiles from the list of available notefiles.
Finally, I am using JSONata expression to transform my data to meaningful insight.

In my undestanding following above steps should have worked and some data/events should be there on Ubidots cloud. But as of now no sucess.!!

Anyone has an idea?

Hi @ujur007,

In Notehub, you should be able to navigate to the route and click on the “Logs” tab. From here you can inspect the response from Ubidots which should help debug the issue. If it looks good from Notehub’s perspective, this may be something you need to ask the Ubidots team about.


ok. Thanks Rob for your answer.

I decided to use other cloud than Ubidots for now(Datacake & works for me.!


I use Ubidots and may be able to help you if you are still looking for an answer.

When you say “Events tab”, do you mean within Notehub or Ubidots?

What does your JSONata expression look like?


By “Events tab” I meant Ubidots event tab.
Well, might be that I do not know the right route settings that works for Ubidots.
I think that JSONata expression might not be an issue event if I keep it as it is(No transformation).
Could you tell me what should I use for X-Auth-Token? should it be from accounts → API credentials or from Device dashboard’s token field?


The Ubidots events tab is not where you will see your data populate. Events within Ubidots are triggered alerts that you can create and are based on user-defined logic (e.g., if your variable falls below a specified value, you will receive an email notification).

I am pretty sure a JSONata transformation is required in order for Ubidots to decipher the routed data from Notehub.

You will first see your variables and routed data in the device dashboard page itself. The variables will auto-populate based on the JSONata transformation. You will only see data on a dashboard if you create widgets based on these variables.

The Auth Token should be from the device dashboard’s token field.


Thanks, now it works. I guess, I misunderstood token field.
My JSONata expression is simple

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Sweet, I’m glad I could help!