MQTT routing issues (Outage ?)

Hi All,

Anyone else experiencing an issue with route forwarding via MQTT from Notehub ? Was working fine until about 23:24 CET on the 13.01.2022. I have made no changes on my end and so far have been unable to find an error anywhere.


So looks like the problem is simple after having spent a couple of hours hunting around and making sure the other services in the data pipeline are running correctly.

Simple !! I hit the quota for routed events…

That there is zero indication on the Notehub Dashboard or an email indicating this is simply poor UX. Something for our friends at Blues to address.

Serge, so sorry for the trouble, and I agree this is poor UX on our part to provide little indication of where you are with Routed events in a month. We’ve logged this to our internal backlog and will get it resolved in short-order. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks @bsatrom and have a good weekend.

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