Connectivity outage? two devices stopped transmitting 1 hour ago


I have two separate systems that stopped transmitting about 1 hour ago (sync rate is every 20 minutes). Are there any ongoing issues?

They should have enough voltage to keep going, and it is a bit suspicious that they both quit at the same time.

No events on

Regards, Gaute

And… they seem to be back in business.

Hi @gauteh,

There were no outages on Notehub at that time. Just to be clear, did you end up seeing your “missing” events in Notehub later (maybe there was a momentary cellular connectivity issue)?


I had the same issue about an hour ago as well, but devices are working fine now, no notes were being sent through until suddenly all of them came through at once, operating normally now!

I spoke to soon, 3 of my devices are not sending notes through, my notecarrier/card is flashing as it normally does, finishing off with a rapid blinking as always does, indicating data transfer, but the notes are not appearing on notehub across those 3 devices. I’ve tried restarting all devices, notes at the very best are coming in 10-15 minutes later (after rapid blinking finishes).

Hi @mikhail5522,

Sorry to hear you’re encountering this issue. Just to be clear, you’re seeing the same issue across all three devices? When you say “at the very best are coming in 10-15 minutes later”, that implies some events show up later even? And to clarify, is the data showing up in Notehub but not being routed to your cloud app until later?

The good thing is the Notecard is not a “fire and forget” device, so any data not successfully sent to Notehub is still saved in flash and retried later. What you’re describing could also be a cellular connectivity issue as well (this can be difficult to diagnose without getting a trace log if that’s possible?).


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