Notehub not displaying sent data

Hi there,

I am trying to send data from my Notecarrier F to Notehub but for some reason, the data is not being displayed on Notehub. I followed the “Collecting Sensor Data” and am getting correct statements in my serial monitor, showing that the sending of data is successful. However, for some reason, I cannot see the data that I sent, on Notehub.


Hi @sbu,

The first thing I would check is to make sure the product argument of your hub.set request exactly matches the productUID from your Notehub project.


It is fine. For some reason, it sporadically decides to work but then will not work sometimes. I made sure the antenna was connected fine and nothing was hindering it, and on the arduino serial monitor it shows that everything is fine, but I still cannot see it.


When I connected directly to the Notecarrier and used the Notecard quickstart, sync-trace went through but when I asked for hub.sync.status,

It gave me this:
“status”: “connect delayed (60 min remaining): connect: connection aborted{transport-unreachable} {service}{extended-service-failure}”,
“time”: 1702792460,
“sync”: true,
“completed”: 27

What does this mean?

Hi @sbu,

It looks like your Notecard is having difficulty connecting to a cellular network and is in a temporary “penalty box”. This is in place to prevent unnecessary battery drain while fruitlessly attempting to connect.

The core problem is your cellular signal may be weak, so I would first check out our guide on Diagnosing Cellular Connectivity Issues.