Notecard no longer sync

Card has been working, firmware/software unchanged for at least 1 year, traveling remote places of the world as a test mule. Coming back from the latest trip, notes are stacked up, not going out as usual.
Plugged into USB and ran the following commands:

“mode”: “periodic”,
“host”: “”,
“device”: “dev:864475044208618”
“status”: “product UID has not yet been specified (set using hub.set) {product-noexist}”,
“sync”: true,
“completed”: 17

The line in bold above confirms the symptoms: sync is not working. file.changes.pending confirms that.
Looking at there is a Product UID for this notecard – always has been. So I do not see the point of doing a hub.set – not an option in the field anyhow.

card.status, card.temp, card.voltage are all normal. card.time does return an “err”:“time is not yet set”.

notecard defective?

Hi @Francois,

This is very unusual behavior for sure. Just double-checking that you never issued a card.restore/delete:true request to reset the Notecard?


Hi @RobLauer

Confirming I have not issued a card.restore. I did card.restart to no avail.

It could have nothing to do with it, but the card stopped its sync on 6/5 – the exact same day I powered it back on in Quintana Roo, Mexico on network carrier Telcel.
Could it be “stuck on Telcel” and failing to reconnect to my local carrier?

No - the fact that your product is missing from the hub.get request suggests the Notecard was reset and configuration settings were deleted somehow (which I’ve personally never seen before). Having our support team look into this now and you should hear from them soon.


@RobLauer Thanks. Definitely did not do a card.restore – the notes in the file.changes.pending are still there.