Notecard stuck in sync for more than 20k seconds


I had a notecard that presumably had some issues connecting and it got stuck in sync requested for more than 20k seconds (almost 6 hours). Is it supposed to fail, or do I need to handle these hang-ups myself? Initiating a new hub.sync didn’t change the status. After power-cycling the modem immediately connects and syncs.


– gaute

Hi @gauteh
Could you describe some details of what led up to this failure (or how to maybe recreate the problem), and also the request / response that led you to conclude that the Notecard was stuck in a sync request ? (perhaps hub.sync.status ?)
Thank you

I don’t have much details. I attached a debugger to my host MCU and it logs the output of hub sync status which showed a value of more than 20k on requested field.

Probably not useful, but firmware:

The firmware connects every 20 minutes. Was working fine for about 12 hours, then got stuck.

Thanks. Does your firmware log any of the responses ?
One other thing that might be helpful would be to set the environment variable _log to all in your project. The Notecard will then collect diagnostic information in the _log.qo notefile which might help to troubleshoot these types of problems after the fact.