Notecard unable to connect to notehub: stuck on: "connect using TLS {socket-tls-connecting}"


after having connected about every 5 minutes for the entire day the notecard suddenly can no longer perform any syncs, it looks like it is on GSM and gets as far as:

 SyncStatus { status: Some("connect using TLS {socket-tls-connecting}"), time: None, sync: Some(true), completed: None, requested: Some(167) }

before it eventually fails on timeout or similar. It looks like resolving works. Any idea what could be going on? It has been in the exact same position with service the entire day.

Regards, Gaute

Can the cellular service rate limit me if I disconnect and connect all the time?

Hi @gauteh,

When you see this happen, I would start with issuing a card.wireless request to get a few more details: {"req":"card.wireless"}. If you want to send me a PM with the results of that, I can look into it more closely and likely have further debugging steps we can take.


I am also having tls issues. I restored my Notecard and ran through the quickstart. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot deeper? Thanks.


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Sent you card.wireless output in DM. Now getting this error:

TRACE hub.sync_status: SyncStatus { status: Some("connect() returned errno 104: connect: host unreachable {host-unreachable} {socket-connect-error}"), time: None, sync: Some(true), completed: None, requested: Some(756) }

and now it started working again…

@rsmith and @gauteh - I’ve been looking into this locally and we found an issue on our end that was preventing some Notehub connections. It looks to be back up now, can you take another look?


I am back in business! Thank you :+1:

This morning I still got a couple of tls failure → socket disconnect, but eventually it worked. Thanks.


the last couple of days I have had several modems having trouble connecting. It takes a long time to do “wireless registration”, and then eventually fails on:

M10:35.52     14 < GetCXRegAgain
M10:35.52     14 > GetCXReg             at+cgreg?
M10:35.57     14 < GetCXReg             +CGREG: 2,2
M10:35.57 modem: wireless: waiting for wireless service 15 sec [++++] {cell-registration-wait}
M10:35.57     14 < GetCXReg             OK
M10:37.84     17 < Heartbeat
M10:37.84 modem-state: proceeding even though PS service not attached
M10:37.94     17 > GetNetInfo           at+qnwinfo
M10:37.99     17 < GetNetInfo           +QNWINFO: "GSM","24202","GSM 900",38
M10:37.99 modem: wireless: cellular radio gsm band GSM 900
M10:37.99     17 < GetNetInfo           OK
M10:37.99     17 > EnableDTR            at&d1
M10:38.04     17 < EnableDTR            OK
M10:38.04     17 > SleepMode            AT+QSCLK=0
M10:38.08     17 < SleepMode            OK
M10:38.18     17 > GetCSQ               at+csq
M10:38.23     17 < GetCSQ               +csq: 25,99
M10:38.23     17 < GetCSQ               OK
M10:38.23     17 > QueryQCSQ            at+qcsq
M10:38.28     17 < QueryQCSQ            +QCSQ: "GSM",-63
M10:38.28     17 < QueryQCSQ            OK
M10:38.28 modem: wireless: waiting for wireless service 18 sec [++++] {cell-registration-wait}
M10:38.28     17 < GotTime
M10:38.28     17 < PPP
M10:38.28 modem: wireless: waiting for data service {wait-data} {connecting}
M10:38.79 lwip: tcp task activated
M10:38.79     18 > EnterPPP             ATD*99*PPP*1#
M10:38.83     18 < EnterPPP             CONNECT 150000000
M10:38.83 modem: wireless: network registration took 26 sec
M10:38.83 modem: wireless: connected {connected-closed}
M10:38.83 sync: wakeup: modem connected
M10:38.83 modem: watchdog poll interval changed from 750ms to 900000ms
S10:38.86 sync: project: using product UID product:no.met.gauteh:sfy
S10:38.86 sync: notehub: asking discovery service to assign a notehub session handler
S10:38.86 sync: network: opening unidirectionally-authenticated secure session to {socket-open-session}
S10:39.78 sync: network: IP connect: waiting for connection for 0 sec (sent:0 rcvd:-3)
S10:40.79 sync: network: IP connect: waiting for connection for 1 sec (sent:0 rcvd:0)
S10:41.80 sync: network: IP connect: waiting for connection for 2 sec (sent:0 rcvd:0)
S10:42.81 sync: network: IP connect: waiting for connection for 3 sec (sent:0 rcvd:0)
S10:43.82 sync: network: IP connect: waiting for connection for 4 sec (sent:0 rcvd:0)
S10:44.83 sync: network: IP connect: waiting for connection for 5 sec (sent:0 rcvd:0)
S10:45.86 sync: network: IP connect: waiting for connection for 6 sec (sent:0 rcvd:0)
S10:46.87 sync: network: IP connect: waiting for connection for 7 sec (sent:0 rcvd:0)
S10:47.88 sync: network: IP connect: waiting for connection for 9 sec (sent:0 rcvd:0)
S10:48.89 sync: network: IP connect: waiting for connection for 10 sec (sent:0 rcvd:0)

the modems were working fine for several hours before. It seems that if it manages to connect, then it is more likely to work fine. Notecard is on Notecarrier-B powered by USB cable to computer.

Any idea of what could be going on? A nearby modem that works shows 4 bars of signal strength.

Regards, Gaute

Hi @gauteh,

It might be helpful if you looked over the steps in this guide: Help! My Notecard is not connecting to the Cell Network!. Specifically, I’d like to see the results of a card.wireless call.

Also, which Notecard model and which antenna are you using? This seems like it could be a signal/connectivity issue that can manifest during TLS authentication since you’re sending a relatively large amount of data (~4KB) at the time.


I’m using the global notecard. I tried:

  • Molex 213353
  • V.Torch VT4GFIA-6 LTE Antenna (sparkfun)
  • Molex 209142-0180

Note that for the latest post I don’t get to the TLS step (maybe I should have opened a new thread), and it hasn’t had the chance to try and sync anything to notehub yet. Here’s the output from card.wireless at a later time:

1577837625 TRACE hub.sync_status: SyncStatus { status: Some("connect delayed (54 min remaining): can't open session to discovery service: socket open PPP: ppp connection timeout? {service}{extended-service-failure}"), time: Some(1652433794), sync: Some(true), completed: Some(4), requested: None }
└─ sfy::note::{impl#0}::check_and_sync @ src/
1577837626 TRACE card.wireless: Ok(Wireless { status: "{modem-off}", mode: Some("auto"), count: Some(4), net: Some(WirelessNet { iccid: Some("89011703278520578660"), imsi: Some("310170852057866"), imei: Some("867730051260788"), modem: Some("BG95M3LAR02A03_01.006.01.006"), band: Some("GSM 900"), rat: Some("gsm"), rssir: Some(-69), rssi: Some(-69), rsrp: None, sinr: None, rsrq: None, bars: Some(4), mcc: Some(242), mnc: Some(2), lac: Some(1501), cid: Some(42630), updated: Some(1652433490) }) })

Hi @gauteh,

Can you please try power-cycling the Notecard? This will force it to attempt a fresh connection to Notehub, just in case there was some issue with the handler you were connected to originally. Also, if you see that {extended-service-failure} again, please try issuing a manual hub.sync command to see if that helps.


Hi Rob,

I’ve tried to power-cycle (pulling EN low). I am seeing the same issue today with several different notecards. I do a manual hub.sync on startup, with allow = true so that it should be removed from any penalties. I’m inside a huge building, but I don’t see how this could break things. I’ve tried multiple antennas.

It takes a long time in “waiting for wireless service”, then fails somewhere during “IP connect”.


We did finally manage to get a connection with the above antenna. Maybe that is the problem.

My go-to antenna recently has been the Pulse W3906B0100, if you want to try yet another antenna!


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