Data Plan - purchase more data?

I can’t find info about what happens when you exceed the 500mb data? buy more data ? at what rate?

I asked the same question. Apparently it is possible but they haven’t set an online system up to do so yet. I was told I could schedule a conference call to discuss, which I will, but I want to play with the test unit a bit first so I can have an intelligent conversation.

Hey @everhamme thanks for the question, and welcome to the community, we’re glad you’re here. We are currently finalizing the pricing and approach for adding more data to Notecards beyond the 500mb included and should have those details public soon, but I can tell you that we do plan to offer this capability in the future.

stay tuned!

Hi, is there any news on whether this will be a possibility?

They sort of buried it on the pricing page Services · Blues Wireless look for “connectivity assurance”