New to Blue: Plan Details and Antennas

I just found out about the product today. I have a number of questions:

  1. The service plan is 500MB/10 years. Great! I believe I saw that it is possible to top up the plan. How is this done and what is the cost in case a particular device runs out of data?

  2. Is the 500MB the total traffic (two ways) or does the meter run in one direction (i.e. from the NoteCard)? This is more for my curiosity than anything else.

  3. If I proceed I would design a “bare metal” interface to the NoteCard so I’d need antenna for LTE and GPS. Are there recommended antenna and where can I get them.

  4. Finally (for now) the price is $49 for a Notecard. What are volume discounts and at what level?

I have almost ordered a unit but I am waiting for a question I submitted regarding customs brokerage.



Hi Brian. Welcome to the community. Glad to see your excitement.

Handling the antenna question here: What antenna types are supported by Notecard?

That’s great - exactly what I was looking for! I am new to the site.

Also, to me, antennas are the closest thing to black magic.

Hi @BrianP,

I can help answer some of your other questions too:

  1. You can top-up your data, but right now it’s a manual process. We don’t have a public UI for it yet (but it’s in the works!).

  2. Traffic is metered both ways, since you can send data from Notecard and back to it as well.

  3. I’d be happy to hook you up with someone on the team to talk about volume discounts. Just shoot me a PM with your email address.


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Maybe its because I’m tired but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to send a PM with via this forum.

@BrianP My 2 cents based on months of usage, if you are in “edge” cellular coverage areas, you pretty much get what you pay for with antennas. On the flip side, Notecard is really good at “hunting” for signal and retrying when coverage comes and goes.

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Good to know! I hope to get my setup in a couple days so I can test it out. A lot of Canada has pretty sketchy coverage, even around urban areas.

@BrianP in my case (Caribbean) we went with the Cat-1 Notecard. Worth the extra $10 plus the cost of the second (Div) antenna.

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Hi folks,

I wanted to circle back on this thread and make sure everyone is aware that we’ve made some improvements to Notehub pricing that are relevant to this discussion: removing per-project platform subscription fees and limits, a consumption-based event model, and free credits for each account. You can read more here and here, and let us know if you have any questions!