DFU mode - timeout?


Following the steps noted in the guide (HOST UPDATE FIRMWARE REQUESTS) for downloading a file image from the Notecard to my embedded board (via 9600 baud serial link), I can successfully copy approximately half the image (around 66Kbytes) before experiencing a timeout (of sorts). At around the 15 minute mark, I experience this error “{“err”:“not currently in the DFU operating mode (see hub.set)”}” … which terminates the data transfer. I ran this test twice with same ‘timeout’ results.

Is there something on my side missing to complete the transfer?

regards, Rich …

Hi @richf,
I apologize for the slow response - I did not see this post earlier.
The Notecard times out of DFU mode after 15 minutes so that it is not accidentally left in that mode (which would result in loss of connectivity to Notehub).
You can restart the 15 minute timer by sending periodic {"req":"hub.set","mode":"dfu"}. This need only be sent every 10-12 minutes to prevent the timeout of the DFU state.
Note that sending this command does not mean that your host has to restart the download of the binary - it just resets the timeout in the Notecard.