Disconnect from WiFi access point

The documentation for card.wifi states that a WiFi connection can be cleared by sending the following command to the Notecard: {“req”:“card.wifi”,“ssid”:“-”,“password”:“-”}

My testing has revealed that if you have a successful WiFi connection and you are in ‘continuous’ mode, then if you issue the ‘card.wifi’ request, the connection is NOT cleared. What can I do other than a ‘card.restart’ request to clear the Notecard WiFi connection?

My Notecard has been updated to the latest firmware (as of this week).

The link below shows how I came up with a robust connection to WiFi using a Swan connected to a Notecarrier-F and a WiFi Notecard. Hope it helps someone.


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Hi @markwkiehl,

Your best bet is to set a different mode in a hub.set request (like periodic or minimum) and then reset the Wi-Fi credentials. While the Notecard is maintaining a continuous network connection, it won’t break that connection when the Wi-Fi AP information is changed/reset.


Hey @markwkiehl thanks for posting that snippet, i was trying to decide whether to load different code for my wifi/cell cards but i like your (smarter) approach of determining it in the code…