Error while adding notes

I am testing my Notecard + Starnote setup and am getting an error after adding a note:

“error adding note: adding notes to a non-uplinked port is not allowed when in packet mode”

I only get this error while sending “long” Notecard-templated notes, but when sending “short” Starnote templated notes, no such error. Can someone please explain what is going on and how to overcome this error?

Hey @rberkelm,

Could you include the note.template call you’re making that produces this error? You should only see that if you forget to include a port on the template.


Hi TJ,
I had two templates sync’d for my Notecard+Starnote. My “long” template was:
{“req”:“note.template”,“file”:“data.qo”,“delete”:true,“body”:{“weight”:12.1,“bat”:12.1,“soc”:12.1,“temp”:12.1,“offset”:14,“slope”:14.1,“netrawwt”: 14,“key”: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”}}
My “short” template was:{“req”:“note.template”,“file”:“sat.qo”,“format”:“compact”,“port”:11,“delete”:true,“body”:{“_lat”:14.1,“_lon”:14.1,“_time”:14,“weight”:12.1,“soc”:12.1,“temp”:12.1,“key”:“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”}}
At the time of the error, I had previously added a “long” note and a “short” note, pulled the LTE antenna off the Notecard (leaving the sat antenna connected) and did a hub.sync with card.transport method set to cell-ntn. It took roughly 23 minutes to eventually sync via satellite, so that all went well. I subsequently tried to add another “long” note when I got the error. No error when adding a “short” note. Changing the card.transport mode to “cell” made no difference. The only way to get around the issue was to power cycle the Notecard. Is there a more elegant way?

Hey @rberkelm,

Do you intend to sync both of these Notefiles over satellite or just the “short” one?

Regardless, I would start by adding a port to the data.qo template, as that is the most likely cause of the error.


Thanks TJ,
I intended just the “short” note to be sync’d but your suggestion re adding a port to the “long” note template is very sage advice - thank you!

Hi @tjvantoll
I just tried adding a port to my “long” data.qo template but I get an error:

{“err”:“‘port’ is only supported for a ‘format’ of ‘compact’”}

My intent is for this template NOT to be compatible with NTN mode, so not compact.
So the issue with not being able to add “long” notes is very repeatable and occurs after changing card.transport from NTN mode to Cell mode. Any suggestions other than power cycling?