Going straight to 60min Penalty on first notehub connect error

We are monitoring the network connection status using hub.status and card.wireless.penalty requests every 5 seconds. This morning our device went from being connected to the Notehub (in continuous mode), directly into a penalty box for 60 minutes. The serial log of when this occurred is listed below:

19:07:50.221 → {“req”:“card.wireless.penalty”}
19:07:50.267 → {}
19:07:50.783 → {“req”:“hub.status”}
19:07:50.830 → {“status”:“connected (session open) {connected}”}
19:07:55.190 → {“req”:“file.changes”,“files”:[“command.qi”]}
19:07:55.284 → {“info”:{“command.qi”:{}}}
19:07:55.799 → {“req”:“card.wireless.penalty”}
19:07:55.846 → {}
19:07:56.362 → {“req”:“hub.status”}
19:07:56.409 → {“status”:“connected (session open) {connected}”}
19:08:00.299 → {“req”:“card.wireless.penalty”}
19:08:00.393 → {“status”:“connect delayed (60 min remaining): can’t open session to notehub: connect: connection aborted{transport-unreachable} {service}{extended-service-failure}”}

So it looks like it was connected, then on the first bad notehub connect, enforced penalty box for 60mins. It was my understanding that the notecard would attempt connect to notehub for 15mins before going to penalty box and that the first penalty box would be 15min duration? Any ideas on what is happening here? Thanks.

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Hi @paulo,

EDIT: After posting an initial response, I learned this is a known bug with the Notecard firmware and is being addressed for the LTS release that will be out by the end of the month!