(Temporarily) Disable incoming data stream by Notehub

Is there a way, from Notehub web site, to (temporarily) disable incoming data stream thus limiting the number of events to avoid exceeding data limits?

Hi richf

This article: Notehub Walk Through - Temporarily Block Device Connections might be what you need, if not please expand further.


Hi Kimball,

Thx for the quick response – the ‘temporary blocked’ connection is my interest. When viewing the “Danger zone” items, mine shows “Connectivity assurance” vs blocking option – am I looking in the right place?

Regards, Rich …

Hi Kimball,

I found the proper page for the “disable” pick – thx again for the help

regards, Rich…

Hello Kimball,

I was successful in blocking incoming connections per your suggestion – upon re-enabling, the Notecard appeared to not re-connect to Notehub — its LED stayed blinking RED – upon power cycling, the Notecard recovered OK. Are there any actions I need to do?

regards, Rich …

Hi Rich.

I suspect that the Notecard was in throttling from not being able to connect while blocked. I believe it will throttle for an hour at most, and then attempt to reconnect.


Further information is available here: Understanding Notecard Penalty Boxes - Blues Developers