Host firmware problem


Since notecard firmware 1.5.5, I have problem with the usage of host firmware functionality.

With firmware 1.5.2, everything was ok. Now:

  • when the host firmware is downloaded in the notecard and ready to be used, the red led is steady on. The steady on red led is supposed to mean “error” but everything seems ok. When the host communicate with the notecard, the led turn off. However, it could take hours before any communication and the led consumes power from the batteries.

  • after the “bunch” of “dfu.get” to read the entire host firmware, the host add a note but an error occur:
    {“err”:“missing ‘req’ field specifying the type of request {io}”}

  • there is also an error with the following command:
    {“err”:“JSON object expected: erFull”} {io}"}

There is about 8 seconds between the last “dfu.get” and the “note.add”. At that moment, the notecard is still in DFU mode.

The errors are not always the same:

invalid JSON:



Hello Alec,

How long after you installed 1.5.5 did you start experiencing errors? Was it immediate, or did it work correctly for some amount of time before it started behaving this way?

Here to help,


I got the problem the first time I tried it but it was a few weeks after the notecard firmware update.


I’m sorry the delay…

My instinct is that your firmware update was corrupted.

However, I’m try to pull together some folks that are smarter than I am to make sure we can get you back up to speed in the most reliable way, as well as ensure this doesn’t happen again.

I’ll be reporting back soon, once I have better information.



The problem is not constant. I added a retry for the problematic commands and if there’s an error on the first try, the second try has no error.
For the led staying on, it’s still there.

I have the problem with 2 notecards ( NOTE-NBGL500, NOTE-NBNA500).


Which Notecarrier are you using? Are you able to share a picture showing how your hardware is configured?


I have the notecarrier-A (picture) on which I can reproduce the LED problem.

For the problem of sending commands to the notecard, it’s on a custom board but for now I can’t reproduce it with the notecard I have in hand. The notecard I was using is now on a remote site to replace another notecard for which I have a problem of current consumption at idle (another tread is open). Since I cannot reproduce it with the notecard I have, it’s probably a problem with this specific notecard.

Could you follow these instructions to produce a trace log on the device in question?