Host reboot function

Hi All,

I might be missing something. Is there a way to reboot a host device that has become unresponsive? I suppose this would be done by pulling Aux4 low.

The device I am developing for keeps freezing up. I am sure it is due to a problem with some of the the notes I am sending it. The only way I can reboot it is to build a new Binpack, which is a pain.

If there is not a way to actuate the reset pin of the host device, can I please lodge a feature request. It would be very useful for development.

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Hi Rob.

With the problem you describe - the host device locking up when running in normal operation, rather than during a remote firmware upgrade, I would look at whatever watchdog facility your host MCU provides to reset. If you do want to have a remote reset, then using one of the aux pins to trigger this reset seems reasonable, although I would assume this is going to entail manual intervention rather than an automatic reset that the watchdog timers would provide.

Of course, applying defensive programming practices as much as possible to mitigate data causing a locking would also be recommended.

I hope this helps.

Kimball Johnson

It is also worth looking at this post: Remote ATTN pin control - #4 by RobLauer where a similar issue was discussed.


Hi Kimball,

Thanks for the reply. I have been able to reproduce the problem on a local setup, so I am on the way to fixing it. I was worried that the remote device was somehow different, but it is behaving the same now.

Thanks for the info on reserved environment variables. I hadn’t looked much at the workings of the Notecard and will read up on it.