How do I backup notes stuck in .qo file due notecard issue

  • notecard is stuck in extended-network-failure (restart, power cycle not working)
  • valuable notes exist in the .qo file:
    file.changes.pending {‘changes’: 7, ‘info’: {‘vitals.qo’: {‘changes’: 6, ‘total’: 6}, ‘syscheck.qo’: {‘changes’: 1, ‘total’: 1}}, ‘total’: 7, ‘pending’: True}
  • note.get does not work on notecard .qo (only .qi)
  • card.reset usually fixes the network issue, but it wipes the contents pending transfer to note hub
    → how do I read the notes in my vitals.qo so I can stash them away before doing a reset (and resubmit if reset worked?)




a:/data/test-qo.json (180)
a:/data/test-qo.000 (59)
a:/data/_log-qo.json (22)
a:/data/_health-qo.json (34)
a:/data/_notefiles.json (2364)
a:/data/_env-dbs.json (2521)
a:/_config.json (962)
used:26624 free:907264
fd cache:0 (hwm:1)

cat test.qo

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