How do I configure Tera Term to communicate with Notecard?

Tera Term is a Windows app that can be used as a serial terminal to send requests and view responses from Notecard.

Establish Connection:

  1. Create a new connection by selecting File --> New connection... from the Tera Term menu

  2. Select Serial option

  3. Select the appropriate COM port from the dropdown

  4. Click OK button

Configure Serial Port

  1. Select Setup --> Serial port... from the Tera Term menu bar

  2. Set the Speed based on which connection being used on the Notecard

Connection Speed Selection
USB 9600
RX/TX 9600
AUX RX/TX 115200
  1. Ensure the other attributes are configured as follows
Name Value
Data 8 bit
Parity none
Stop bits 1 bit
Flow control none
  1. Click New setting button

Configure Terminal

  1. Select Setup --> Terminal... from the Tera Term menu bar

  2. Apply the following settings:

Name Value
Receive CR+LF
Transmit CR+LF
Local echo enabled
  1. Click OK button

Enable Logging (for debug and support)

Tera term can log terminal messages to a file, which is helpful when you want to grab information for support from Blues or on this forum.

  1. Select File --> Log... from the Tera Term menu bar

  2. Set the name of the file to log.

14 . Recommend the following option configuration

Name Value
Append enabled
Plain text enabled
  1. Click Save button