A few suggestions for documentation UI improvement

Setting up the notecard section of the Quickstart UI looks like this

The workflow is:

  1. Select the USB connection (this results in a pop-up dialog to specify the device). Once the device is selected and successfully connected then:
    • The status (2) should change to “connected”
    • The "selection panel (3) should disappear (right now it obstructs the view to the underlying terminal)

Hi @adriatic - Are you seeing a different process in practice? Check out the gif on this quickstart section…does it not function like this for you?

The gif behaves as I expected - however my experience was different (as I used the single browser window initiate the connection. This might be why I write my comments above.

I will repeat the experiment using the Notecard playground (as you just taught me to) and verify whether my initial report still stands.

Added later:
Using the Notecard playground, I confirm that the UI conforms to the gif you gave to me - but only of no terminal (simulator or USB) is already attached, in which case, trying to attach USB terminal results with action or error message.