Adding the device to the Notehub

Yet another newbie question (do we need a new category for this). This time I am asking whether the following workflow is correct:

My project created to use the actual MCU (SWAN_1) states that it has no devices

The list of devices for this project prompts for “Add a new device” for the project xxx.xxxx.nik:swan_1, suggesting to use the Quickstart Guide for help adding a device to your project

The Notecard Quickstart consists of several documents, so I am guessing that “Set up Notecard” is the one to check, and that is being done by assigning your Notecard a ProductUID.

This assignment is requested by

{"req":"hub.set", "product":"com.your-company.your-name:your_product"}

Comment if my guesses are right, I suggest a slight expansion of the existing information on setting up the Notecard, as an additional paragraph having back-reference to the point where the user came from (my problem is the "interference from all “live terminal data” mixed in)

My theory of fixing the count of devices is not correct - my device is clearly assigned to the project (as all subsequent verifications are done correctly), but I still see


This seems to be another verification of Project overview device count is inaccurate

Without doing anything - the count seems to have been updated on its own and it shows one device.

Hi @adriatic,

You’re on the right path. Just to clarify, “adding a device to a project” doesn’t happen until the Notecard is assigned a ProductUID AND the Notecard successfully syncs with Notehub the first time. Depending on connectivity conditions, this can take a minute or more to complete!

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I would suggest to add this explanation to the documentation - as asychronous events are always confusing to new folks