Project overview device count is inaccurate

Minor issue but I setup two test devices and then a few weeks later assigned them a serial number. My project overview shows that I have 4 devices, despite only 2 ever being activated. It seems this counter is going by serial # rather than device ID. Considering serial number can be changed by the user that seems like an oversight/bug.

Project device counter:

Screenshot 2023-02-11 at 13.38.08

Device list (showing all devices):

Obviously super minor but I see this incorrect counter every time I open my project lol.

Thanks for the report @abari! I’ve filed a bug report for the cloud team and will keep you posted.

Is this the standard procedure for issue reporting (here in rather than in the relevant Github repository using the issues list)?

Hey @adriatic, if you have an issue related to one of our open source libraries, you are welcome to report the problem here or directly in the repo. For everything else, here works.

@abari is there a chance that you moved either or both of those devices to another project and back again?

Thanks. Since either way supports markdown, I will use media.

I don’t think so. Pretty sure I’ve just had one project (I may have renamed it?)

If you’d like I can PM you my account email (not sure if the support forum matches email addresses automatically).

Hey @abari ,

If you don’t mind, please email so we can get details like your project id and take a look into the issue.

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