Notehub API: Can't Find Device: {no app} not registered

Could you provide example for Product, Device, Project params in API requests. Do these need to be urlencoded or not? for i.e. spaces use %20, etc… Or, spaces are spaces because part of JSON object.

Also, does the Device

  • include prefix dev:
  • “dev:0000000000000123” or only need to use “0000000000000123”

The error is:

{“err”: “can’t find device: {no-app} not registered: app:[Project Name] {device-noexist}”}

The device UID does include the “dev:” prefix.

I can’t answer the question of URL encoding of characters, but I use a URL of this form (I don’t have any spaces in my ProductUID."my.product.uid"&device="dev:012345678901234"

Found the Project param in → Project Settings → scroll to the bottom and starts with app: prefix

Also, they made it easy with no spaces are in Product, Device, Project names… Therefore, no need to urlencode.

This worked for me…

FYI @webuser1 it shouldn’t matter if the string is URL encoded or not. Glad to see you worked out the issue though!