Multiple Devices in one Project

Hi guys,
I’m using several Notecard devices as MQTT clients. Should all of the Notecard devices go into the same Project, or should I have a separate Project for each Notecard?

The software in all of the SWAN’s is identical except for the ProductUID’s.
The reason I’m asking is because I created two Projects (one for each Notecard).
Project (M1) was for Notecard 1, Project (R1) was for Notecard 2.
After the devices connected to NoteHub, both devices are showing up in Project M1.
I understand a NoteCard device can only be in one project, so I deleted Project R1.
Have read similar post, but none answers my question. Thanks

Hi @DonL,

You should orchestrate the relationship between your Notecards and Notehub to match your end goals. You can use one Notecard with one Notehub project…or you can use all your Notecards with a single Notehub project.

If the firmware on all of your hosts is the same, then it sounds like you would want to send all of your data to a single Notehub project. You can identify the individual Notecards in Notehub either through the default deviceUID of the Notecard, or you can specify your own identifier as sn (serial number) in the hub.set request.

I hope that helps, but let us know if you have further questions!


Just wanted to be sure, Got it , THANKS.

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