Moving a Notecard between Projects in Notehub


I want to move some Notecards between projects and I’ve found a few references in the documentation that say it’s easily done, but no reference to say how it’s actually done.

I see it can’t belong to more than one project at a time, so instead of moving it, do I simply delete the Notecard from one project and create a new Product UID for it in the destination project?

That seems easy – anything else to take into consideration or better way?


Hi @noforan,

To “move” a Notecard to a new project, you simply have to issue a new hub.set request to the device you are moving, and make sure the product argument contains the new Notehub ProductUID. That’s it!

As you mentioned, a Notecard can’t be part of >1 project at the same time, so it will simply show up under the new project after you’ve sent that request (and the Notecard next syncs with Notehub).


Makes sense - tracking.
Thanks @RobLauer!