How do I monitor Notehub route errors?

Let’s say I have a bunch of routes that work just fine. Then one day, no fault of, one of my routes is no longer pushing data to [name your destination ].
For instance someone accidentally rotated an authentication key or renamed a service.
If the flow of data is constant, no problem, we can add code at the destination raising an alert when data is no longer coming in.
But what the periodicity is random? How would we know, without going to the Noteshub UI, that a note never made it. And since (depending on the plan), the data won’t stay around, the note may be lost.

Is there an API call to that would report for each route the count of errors in a given period of time?
Or alternatively, a “on error” defined in a Notehub route that would provide a fallback and/or notification?

Hey Francois, we don’t currently offer a programmatic way to do this, but this is a great feature request for us to consider as we look at enhancements to Notehub routes. I’ll log this with the team. Thanks for the question!

@bsatrom Thanks, I would rank this rather high priority as it could lead to a loss of data – purged after the retention interval of Noteshub.
I would add that the endpoint of a route may be controlled by a third party, not just somebody on our team.

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