Hub.set "on" temporary continuous

I am trying to use the hub.set on:true to temporarily turn on continuous mode. But it doesn’t seem to be working. My command is


to which I get the reply


which doesn’t indicate any kind of error, but I don’t get any indication of a change of mode on Notehub, and I still get session events set to {“why”:“periodic inbound sync due”}.
The initial hub set command is


Am I misunderstanding how the feature works?

I think I’m getting somewhere, it looks like you have to turn GPS mode off, before it will go into continuous mode. I presumed it would temporarily turn on GPS, but that doesn’t seem to be the case?

Hi @spring,

Just to be clear, the hub.set/"on":true argument is applicable to connectivity (e.g. cellular), not GPS, and only when using one of the web transactions which require the Notecard to be in continuous mode. (I think we can do a better job of clarifying that in the API documentation!)