I am trying to improve my error handling, I am issuing a hub.sync.status request and I’m getting this back

{“alert”:true,“status”:“idle {disconnected} {registration-failure} {network}{extended-network-failure} {transport}”,“mode”:“{modem-off}”,“sync”:true}

This provides useful information about modem status and previous issues, which is what I’m trying to gather to display to the user. However the documentation doesn’t give “mode” as a response member, so before I write my code around this, I wanted to know if this is correct and the docs are out of date, or if the docs are correct and this will be removed in a new version of the firmware. The notecard is on

I also noticed that seconds does not seem to be available. When in a penalty box I get this.

{“alert”:true,“status”:“network: can’t connect (6.3 min remaining) {registration-failure}{network}{extended-network-failure}”,“mode”:“{modem-off}”,“sync”:true}

Where the status gives me the time in the penalty box remaining, but there is no seconds response member. The docs suggest there should be?


I have now tried a card.wireless.penalty request and that give me

{“seconds”:3324,“minutes”:69,“status”:“network: can’t connect (55.4 min remaining) {registration-failure}{network}{extended-network-failure}”,“count”:6}

Here it has a status response member, but that isn’t part of the docs. If this is here to stay I could use this instead.

Hi @spring,

I believe in this case the response section of our docs on these two APIs is out of date. You can safely rely on those being in the firmware going forward (and we will get those updated!).