Issue with I2C connection onNotecarrier-Af and swan

I have a notecard connected on Notecarrier-Af with Blues Swan on it. I am using the the grove connector to connect the I2C sensors such as MPU6050 and BME280 just to see if it works.

The issue is that none of the sensors are detected by the I2C scanner like sketch for Arduino.
The swan finds the notecard at 0x17 but the sensors are not detected.

Can anyone suggest something? I have entire project working with ESP32 based board, I just want to port the same thing for Swan.

Hey @ujur007 It’s hard to tell exactly how you have those jumper wires plugged into the grove ports, but can you instead use the header pins on the edge of the AF and see if that works?

Hi @bsatrom

I have tried to connect the sensor to the pin type connectors but it didn’t work.
I will try again and let you know.

Hi @ujur007,

I would love to take a better look at your wiring. The “Grove” connectors on the board are not typically designed for use with jumper wires. Specifically, they are designed for use with these Grove connectors.

That being said, it may be possible to do what you are trying to do, as long as it’s done carefully. However, I would strongly urge you to use the appropriate connector, it will make life much easier.

I’m happy to double check your wiring. It would be great if you could send a higher resolution photo, so the labels on the boards are easy to read. Finally, if the picture is taken at a slight angle, then it’s easier to tell what each wire is plugged into.

All the best,

Hi @zfields @bsatrom
Thank you for your valuable comments.
I actually found the issue. There was an issue in one of the old jumper wires which was kind of having some corrosion effects. Changing it solved the problems.