How to use Notecarrier with external boards


I was trying to setup a swan MCU for my project to use with Notecarrier. The issue, I encountered was that it was a long setup of installation steps and after following the steps, the Arduino

I was going through the datasheet of the notecarrier-AF and found the pin usage saction but I still doubt that those are the only pins to be used as there is not GND mentioned in that list. FYI, I am only using the I2C communication to transfer the JSON data.
Also, I am using Arduino so I will use Notecard.begin() function to start I2C communication.

Can anyone tell what are the pins which I need to connect to the feather or breadboard-able connectors from Arduino supported boards such as Uno, Nano or evern nRF based boards?*MTY0ODY5NzIyMS4zLjEuMTY0ODcwNTE3MC4w&_ga=2.82159318.1920993086.1648694536-173713845.1648568708

One of the main concern to ask is that powering the boards in wrong manner may damage the notecard etc. Also, as far as I know when we use two supplies for connected circuits we need to provide a common grond.!

I found the following project on where the Pico is connected to notecarrier-AL but I am not sure same method would work for Notecarier-AF.
I tried connecting 3.3V and GND pins from external MCUboard to the non-feather pins of Notecarrier but seems it did not work.

Hi @ujur007, if you have a grove or Qwiic connector adapter like the ones in this kit, you can put the Pico in a breadboard and connect to the Notecard on the AF that way, but otherwise your best bet is to use the Notecarrier AL, or a Feather-compatible board with the AF