Notecarrier-F to an external Arduino MCU

I have a Notecarrier-F v1.3. I have it working with I2C using an Adafruit Feather M0 Express that is plugged into the Feather socket on the Notecarrier.

My overall project uses an external Adafruit Metro M0 Express because there are various Arduino form factor shields involved. The Metro M0 has a Qwiic shield so my next step was to remove the Feather from the Notecarrier and attach a Qwiic cable between the Qwiic shield and the Notecarrier.

I have assumed that the startup operations should work:
notecard.begin(0x17, 0x20, Wire);
… create a hub.set request
notecard.sendRequestWithRetry(req, 5);

At this point, it either hangs or gets multiple I2C NAK errors.

I far as I can tell, the AUX switch is set to Normal and the Feather_En switch is set to On.

The I2C from the Metro did not power the Notecard. I had to add a Lithium battery to the VBat input of the Notecarrier.

Is this appracoh even possible ? If so, any thoughts on what I have missed ?

Turns out this configuration does work. The problem was a yet to be determined hardware issue in the Arduino Qwiic shield. I hand wired the Metro I2C to the Notecarrier I2C, powered by a battery, and it worked the same as it did with the Feather installed on the Notecarrier.