Manually Updating Notecard Firmware v5.1.1 and later via USB

If you have a Notecard with firmware version 5.1.1 or later, and you want to manually update the firmware by connecting to the Notecard via USB rather than using an over-the-air update, you can use the Notecard CLI to push the Notecard firmware from your laptop to the Notecard over USB.

If the Notecard is running a firmware version prior to 5.1.1, then you need to follow the steps outlined here:

Notecard Firmware Updates - Blues Developers



This assumes that you have successfully been able to communicate with the Notecard via the Notecard CLI

  1. Connect the Notecard to your computer via USB. If you’re design does not have USB available, you can move the Notecard to a Notecarrier that does expose USB.

  2. Using your computer command line, navigate to the folder containing the Notecard binary image you want to load onto the Notecard

  3. Enter the following
    notecard -fast -sideload notecard-<version-build>.bin

    You may need to pre-pend notecard with it’s full path name if it is in a different folder than the Notecard binary image file. The notecard-<version-build>.bin represents the name of the firmware image you downloaded and want to install on the Notecard.

  4. Wait while the firmware downloads and installs

  5. If you see a repeated message about the Notecard being disconnected

    retrying after error: error opening serial port: serial device not available {io}

    exit the process by pressing CTRL-C

  6. At this point the Notecard should restart with the new firmware image

  7. Use notecard -info to confirm the version has been updated