Is there a way to initiate a notecard firmware update from any of the apis?

I’ve got a script to initialize a new notecard when we want to begin using it, and I’d like to be able to update the firmware automatically if need be. I’m able to get the current firmware version of course, but I can’t see a method in the documentation for initiating a firmware update.

I’d really prefer not to have the extra step of having the operator have to log in to notehub, click through and start the firmware update. It’s tedious and error prone when you have a lot of devices.

Hi @JordanEdwards and welcome to the Blues community!

Can you describe the workflow you are looking for a little more? Am I correct in assuming you’ll have someone uploading new firmware versions to Notehub, but then you want an API that would let you tell a device or fleet to initiate a download/update of that new version?


Hey Rob!

I’m actually just talking about the blues notecard firmware itself, not our own (host firware). It just seems like there would be away to update the firmware without having to do it through the website. Thanks for getting back to me.