Members assignment to project fleets

Has there been any discussion to allow for fleet assignments for members of a project? Similar to routing and choosing files, when adding a member you can choose a global project role, or select fleets that they can view/manage.

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This is a great suggestion. It’s not currently on our roadmap as the member roles only apply to the project as a whole and not to specific fleets. Nevertheless, it’s something we would consider.

Would you tell me a little more about your application and how you’re using fleets that make this important?

Is this something that you might want to control via an API or is the UI sufficient? How many fleets would you want to manage in this way? Would devices in your project be part of multiple fleets or just a single fleet each?

My use case is I have a specific device that sends data to a device project, where by default end up in “My Fleet”. This is done so we can make devices in batches and have all notes go to one location, not knowing who will actually use the data. Once there is an organization/user for the device, we move the device to a fleet. It would be nice for the user of these devices to see all the notehub metadata (last update/location/etc) of their devices, without seeing other devices in the project. In our case the member would just be viewer, but other users may want to give member more control of their devices.