More detail regarding BME280 and Notecard integration


I have been playing around with a BME280 connected to a Notecarrier along with the card.temp tracking option. The pressure values I am seeing are a little off from what I would expect.

Could we get some detail on how the notecard is querying the BME280 ?


Hey @ssozonoff we use the open-source BME280 library that Bosch maintains, specifically the stock read method. Can you share some more details around what values you are seeing and what you’re comparing those to?

Hi @bsatrom,

we use the open-source BME280 library that Bosch maintains

Good to know !

Its actually all good just some maths to bring the reading to the QNH reading my local airport is reporting. Namely normalising the value to sea level. Now it seems to be accurate to about 1-2 hPa with what the local airport is reporting.

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