New Notecard Guide For End-To-End Encryption

Happy Monday everyone! I just wanted to drop in and let you all know what we’ve just published a guide showing off how to encrypt your Notes before sending them to the Notehub. The guide contains a full walkthrough of the feature, includes step-by-step instructions and example code for decrypting data once you’ve fetched it from Notehub using OpenSSL and Node.

If you’re interested in encrypting your data for transport, check out the guide here: Encrypting Data With the Notecard - Blues Wireless Developers

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When I try this I get:

[Errno 121] I2C transfer: Remote I/O error

The request works fine until I add the req[“key”] = “encryption_key”

Hey Chris, I’ll see if I can reproduce this on my end today, but just to confirm, you’re getting this error every time you use the “key” field and never when you don’t? Also, it looks like you’re using Python for this, correct?

The error looks unrelated to encryption, but I’ll try a few things today and see if I can replicate the issue.

yes, whenever I add in the key. I even make the key smaller, thinking it was a chunking problem but no. Same issue. Have you guys tried i2c encryption?

Hi Chris, What Notecard firmware version / build # are you using ?

Hey Chris,

Apologies for the trouble, but we found a minor regression with end-to-end encryption in the 1.5.6 dev release we provided you an early version of. The issue has been fixed and run through our test suite, and we’re planning to update the 1.5.6 binary for official release tomorrow.

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I can confirm this firmware update fixes this issue. Encryption working now.