Note.add "err" response

  1. note.add generates an err, but this is no document in the on-line manual on an error response. Here is the JSON:
> {"req":"note.add","file":"sensors.qo","body":{"temp":23.6,"battery":195.6,"CL1":0.2,"CL2":-0.1,"CL3":0.1,"CL4":0 },"sync":true}
{"err":"notecard DFU in progress {dfu-in-progress}"}

Any documentation available on other err responses in note.add or any other undocumented responses?

Hi @Karl_iWell,

It looks like your Notecard is in the process of performing a firmware upgrade. You can check on the status of the DFU process in Notehub on the Devices → Notecard Firmware tab. You can also use the dfu.status API locally to check the status (e.g. “mode” should be “idle” in the response):

  "req": "dfu.status",
  "name": "card"

Once DFU is complete, your note.add request should work just fine.


Thanks Rob,

I understood the cause of the err, I was more interested in why err was not documented as a response.

In general, is err an acceptable response to any notecard request or just to some requests.

I appreciate your prompt response to the original post.



You’re right, any notecard request might be met with a response with an err field. Some other general rules about our API can be found here. One of the most interesting things to know about the err responses is that if you want to programmatically detect a certain error you should look for the special codes that look like {code}. Here’s a list of many of those codes but this list is not exhaustive.


Thanks Carl, I appreciate it.