NoteCarrier-A compatibility?

I have a NoteCard version 1.5 (firmware that will not power on with NoteCarrier-A version 2.0, but works fine with NoteCarrier-A version 1.7. Is this a compatibility issue, or just an issue with my NoteCarrier-A version 2.0? I am swapping out to the newer Notecarrier 2.0 version to utilize a Scoop Version 1.0 with the additional Vin connector.

Hi @JimM,

Do you have another Notecard you can test? I just want to verify whether it’s the Notecard or Notecarrier that is the issue.

And when you say “will not power on” - you literally get no LED activity whatsoever when it is powered on?


@RobLauer Correct, there is no LED activity on the Notecard (a cellular Wideband version) when mounted on the new Notecarrier-A. The Notecard continues working fine on an older Notecarrier-A. I measure voltage present on the new Notecarrier-A in line socket. I can try another Notecard in the new Notecarrier-A but will be amazed if it works (e.g. tolerance issue with Notecard to Notecarrier connector alignment?). I did try powering the Notecarrier-A both ways via USB and a LiPo battery (separately). At this point, I only have one of the newer Notecarrier-A boards.

I just tried another NoteCard (Wifi version) in the newer Notecarrier-A and it also fails to power up (at least no LED activity). This NoteCard is working fine in a Notecarrier-F.

Just to close out this topic. The Notecarrier 3V/1V switch was not fully in the 3V position. Once switched back and forth, the Notecarrier is fine.