Unresponsive Cell+WIFI Notecard on Notecarrier A

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working with a Cell+WIFI Notecard mounted on a Notecarrier A and, after a week of testing, it has suddenly become unresponsive. Despite being powered on (indicated by a rapidly blinking red LED), I’m unable to establish communication with it, either through the Browser Terminal or CLI.

Does anyone know how to perform a reset on the Notecard, or has anyone experienced a similar issue and found a solution?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @DanDukem and welcome to the Blues community!

Sorry to hear about the problems, but I have a few suggestions (though you may have already gone through these):

  1. Try on a different computer
  2. Try restarting (just in case something is holding on to that serial port?)
  3. Try a different micro USB cable

Let us know if that doesn’t work and we can figure out some next steps for you.


Hi @RobLauer,

Thanks for your suggestions and for welcoming me to the Blues community! I appreciate your help. I tested the notecard with eight different micro USB cables of various lengths and attempted to connect it to Mac, Linux, and Windows systems. Unfortunately, the issue persists.

Thank you for your support,


Hi @DanDukem,

The next thing we can try is loading the latest version of the Notecard firmware. I can’t imagine the firmware was corrupted, but this should provide some kind of “reset” to get the Notecard communicating again.

  1. Download the firmware binary you need (make sure you download the version appropriate for the Notecard Cell+WiFi).
  2. Plug the Notecarrier A into your PC.
  3. Add a jumper wire between the unmarked BOOT pin and VIO on the Notecarrier A (see image below for location of BOOT).
  4. Add another jumper wire between RST and GND.
  5. Remove the RST/GND jumper.
  6. Remove the BOOT/VIO jumper.
  7. Now, the notecard will be in it’s bootloader, so you can follow instructions provided on the firmware update page to manually update the firmware.

Hi @RobLauer,

Thank you for the detailed instructions. I followed the steps to update the firmware on two different Notecarrier A units, but unfortunately, the issue remains unresolved. To keep our project on track, we decided to purchase additional Notecards, hoping it’s an isolated problem. I really appreciate your assistance throughout this process. If there’s anything else we can try or any further diagnostics you recommend, please let me know.

Best regards,