New Carrier Board issues

Hi, I am trying to create my own carrier board for a specific application. I used the reference design, Note Carrier AF, as a basis and I am having issues. I can use the USB to communicate with the NoteCard but it does not seem to connect. The voltages look good however the LED status LEDs act differently than when I use the original BluesWiresless Carrier AF. The RED LED does flicker slowly and then more rapidly as normal however the Green LED is also on, on very dimly, from the start and then as the Red LED turns off the Green led is still on dimly and then brightens ands then shuts off after about 5 or 6 seconds.

Any thoughts on what might be happening to cause the Green LED to act that way?

Hi @mdede439,

Can you please send us a picture of your board along with a schematic? Also are you able to issue any commands to the Notecard over serial?


Thanks for getting back to me. There is some very evident errors in my board with regards to the 3.3V regular so I thought I could bodge in an external 3.3 V regular. This may be one of the reasons why I am having this issue, although it is supplying 3.3V to the NoteCard. I have since redesigned my board a little and going to try that one before I get my design reviewed by you guys.

The green LED behavior at boot up was strange to me and was wondering if that would point to a possible and obvious problem. I am including a video of the boot up sequence. Once I have my new board and see if my issues are resolved I may contact you again.

Yes I can send command to the NoteCard and it does respond to some of them. For instance the VER command does respond with the firmware details. The SYNC command just comes back with a {}. What commands would you suggest?

On several of our API calls, an empty JSON object, {}, is an indication of success.

So it sounds as if you may be having success on your Notecard comms, but were unaware what to expect.

You can always use the Notecard simulator on our dev site and test an API expression for parity with what you are experiencing on your board.

We look forward to seeing the next steps on your journey! Keep reaching out as you need us.