Seeking Notecarrier F V1.0 for sale in UK

Hi all,

I ordered a few Notecarrier F starter kits from Blues a short while back but discovered last week that one of the Notecarriers has a faulty USB port. (Notecard, Swan & USB cable all work fine with a different Notecarrier F and testing with a voltmeter shows 0V across N_VUSB to GND).

It’s been a few days since I submitted a request for a replacement via the Contact Us web form on the main site and I haven’t heard anything back. Buying a replacement would cost over $70 for the board with shipping, so I’m wondering if anyone has a spare Notecarrier-F V1.0 they would sell to me. (Ideally in the UK.) I also have a working spare Notecarrier-A V1.7 if you’d be more amenable to a trade.

Please drop me a message or comment if you have a Notecarrier-F going spare! Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


I am in the UK. I have two Notecarrier Fs, purchased maybe 6 months ago. However, one has a fault and won’t accept DFU OTA updates. The little switch has no effect. I will look at the hardware version.



They are 1.0. Slightly used for development but fine.

Hi Rob,

That sounds ideal, I’ll drop you a DM to discuss!