Notecarrier AF V+ pin?

The documentation for the Notecarrier AF says that it is safe to power the Notecarrier by “applying 2.5 - 5.5 VDC to the V+ pin.*” None of the breakout pins are labeled V+.

The V1.7 schematic has this:


Which implies that the pin labeled <VMAIN is V+. However, this is in contradiction to the datasheet that states <VMAIN is an output pin.

When I measure the voltage between <VMAIN and GND (while connected to USB power) I measure 5V. If the schematic is correct, I think I should measure 0V because of the diode. Perhaps I’m missing something obvious, but it appear there is no exposed V+ pin.

Basically, if my goal is to provide power from a 5VDC power source, some other forums indicate supplying the DC via the solar port (instead of using a solar panel). Is that an approved mode of operation? If not, where is the appropriate location to source 5V DC to the Notecarrier?

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At least on all my boards Notecarrier AF 1.7 boards, DS2 is not populated with a diode, instead it is populated with two zero ohm resistors.

So the answer is, PIN 12 on J9 is both V+ and VMAIN.