Notecarrier - use of "EN" pin?

The documentation for the use of the EN pin is a little lax for the notecarrier B. Notecarrier Datasheet - Blues Wireless Developers Can someone please verify the following

High = enable
Low = disable
Floating/no connect = enable

There’s some documentation on the notecarrier AA datasheet page… but it still doesn’t address the floating/no connect scenario.

“>1.1v will power on the module, used for main product ON/OFF and for when product is being shipped to ensure that there is no communications attempted. If USB is active as power source, this pin is ignored, else it is required to be tied high or low.”

This is absolutely correct. There is a pull-up on the Notecarrier-B to ensure the EN pin is HIGH, when the end-user has not connected anything to it.

EDIT: I have now verified and it is also correct!