NoteCarrier B Schematic Questions


I’m currently developing my own notecarrier design based on notecarrier B (with external sim slot). But I’m having some queries reg the design.

  1. Is this EN Pin in the design is connected to this node?

2.In the BOM, I can see this CS1.

But I can’t find out this in the schematic, may I know what this is one? I’m guessing it’s a notecarrier.

3.Do I really need these DS4,5,6,10 circuits?

Pradeep S.


Seems you are right.

Rob Oudendijk

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Hi @robouden ,

Thanks for the response,but I have one final question.
If the CS1 is Notecarrier B then why the CS1 included in the BOM? Do I need to add that in my BOM also?

Pradeep S

Hi @Pradeep,

I got some more detailed responses for you from some other Blues experts :slight_smile:

  1. Yes. The EN net is connected to J22 pin 8 as well as U4 pin B1.
  2. The “CS” entry in the BOM is for the bare PCB.
  3. No, you don’t need DS4, DS5, DS6, or DS10. All of the components marked “NU” on the schematic are shown in the Not Mounted section of the BOM. We do not build our Notecarriers with these components. They are included for reference in case a designer wants to include them.